Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goblin aristocratic investor concept art

this is a piece I had sculpted by maxmini
im currently painting the finished product up XD
and futher plans for an orc team coach are in the works


  1. I'm curious, how much did it cost to have it sculpted?

  2. as far as i can remember it was roughly 100 euros to sculpt my goblin XD
    maybe 150, cant remember exactly
    contact the company
    if youre interested

  3. I've bought from them before, but there are no guideline figures on their site for how much sculpts cost.

    I was actually linked to your blog by Kromlech after seeing your rather awesome concept art for their Orc War II stuff.

  4. really glad you like my german orcs XD
    still workin on em, have a couple more pics to post aswell
    theres no price guide on custom sculpts, i emailed them and got a quote based on the model i wanted